I saw ParaNorman yesterday at the Mayfield Drive-In (the plans for the evening were "go to the drive in" without regard to what was playing), and I was quite pleasantly surprised by it. It's scary, or at least it's "scary," but none of the kids I could see seemed terribly spooked. I feel like anyone over 7 would likely enjoy it, and it's worth noting that the many zombies are seen mostly as bumbling, rather than as menacing. 
As a childless, adult viewer, though I thought it was pretty great for a few reasons.
1. The most important single theme of any zombie story was firmly set into place: The real monsters are the other humans.
2. The score. I checked iTunes for a copy before the credits had finished rolling, composer Jon Brion did a phenomenal job.
3. The visuals. There were areas obviously helped by CGI, but most of the film is obviously actually stop motion animation and it's astounding to behold.
If you're a fan of horror films, and especially those of the zombie variety, I very highly recommend this kid-friendly love letter to the genre. If you've got kids who you're already subjecting to scary fare like Doctor Who or the like, by all means take them along.
If you aren't interested in this film and somebody invites you to it, GO!
But I'm not going to tell you you've got to go out of your way to see it.
Um, I haven't come up with a rating system for movies yet, so... how about 3.75 stars out of a possible 5?

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  1. Great review. This flick was a little too slow at times for me, but for the most part kept me entertained with its humor and energetic voice-cast. Especially the little fat kid, who was not only was cute as anything, but also nailed every time he had a funny line.