Rebooting GeekChicOhio

When I was a freshman in college I decided to come up with a clever aim handle I could use in forums and around the internet that would be uniquely mine.  Thinking on my nerdier pursuits and my love of both "cool" and "uncool" things, I settled on GeekChicOhio.  Today I'm redefining that name.

To me, today, GeekChicOhio is a handle that should represent the nerdy and the accessible things I love as well as the attitudes with which I approach them.
I'm a nerd/geek about much more than just "nerd things," though:
I'm passionate about politics, policy, social discourse and the idea of the fourth estate. I find good journalism to be of the utmost importance, and I seek it out. I see the importance of things like ProPublica, #muckreads and #longform / #longreads and I would like to, as I felt like I did in high school and college, contribute meaningfully to the conversation.  The "Ohio" portion of my name is also, perhaps, noteworthy because Ohio is a swing state and so electoral politics are not something that can be taken lightly here. Elections in Ohio matter.
I'm passionate also about theology and what it means to be a true follower of Christ in 21st Century America.  I am fed up with the fact that identifying myself as a Christian at the beginning of a faith-based conversation seems to immediately put me at a disadvantage as I have to insert a thousand caveats and excuses and rationalizations at the way in which some highly visible members of this faith are destroying its good name.
I'm passionate about good art. Television, literature, film, and music play a huge role in shaping today's culture and I'm a consumer of all of them. I care about how these things are made, how they can be analyzed, improved, and I love discussing them.  I appreciate snark, but I'm not unsympathetic to the "snark backlash" that exists out there, either.
I'm passionate about football. By football, I mostly mean soccer. I love 'The Beautiful Game,' especially the way it is played in Europe, though I'm proud of the strides being taken in the sport in the States and I'm an unrepentant cheerleader for MLS and US Soccer. Briefly, the clubs I pay the most attention to (and I know a couple of these are RIVALS): Tottenham Hotspur, FC Barcelona, AS Roma, Columbus Crew, AFC Cleveland, Chelsea FC, NY Red Bulls, Seattle Sounders, USMNT, La Roja (Spain), and occasionally Manchester City.
I think the "geek" part of this dichotomy should be representative of a desire to take things seriously, to dig deeply into them, and to care earnestly about them. I think that's the essence of what a "geek" is, and I think it's as true of creatures of political science, economic policy wonks, and trekkies.
The "chic" part of this dichotomy is going to be the humor, the snark, the interest in things that are more widely considered to be cool."

This blog, should I ever update it again, will tackle all of these topics and more, and I hope you'll stick around.

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