The National Rifle Association is a Terrorist Organization


The National Rifle Association is a Terrorist Organization. They are making the conscious decision to weight the profits of the weapons manufacturers whose interests they serve as more important than the countless deaths these manufacturers' products are responsible for. They're also unbelievable hypocrites who have proven they will say anything to protect bottom lines over human lives.

It amuses me that the very people who are working doggedly to arm our citizenry as completely as possible as protection for when "THEY" come for us, are now calling for a massive increase in armed government agents.

The NRA today called for an armed guard/policeman in every school. And setting aside the right wing hypocrisy of a massive increase in bureaucracy and the $5.5 Billion dollars it would cost to arm, train, and employ these agents, it's a separate, hilariously transparent, bit of hypocrisy that these "libertarian watchdogs of freedom" would want to increase the numbers of armed government agents. When it is the fear of such agents that they exploit to drum up more sales of their deadly products.  At the very least, this suggestion by the NRA proves that they do not ACTUALLY fear the government overreach necessitating arming civilians, they simply say so to increase sales.

It amuses me that anyone thought that the firearm manufacturing industry's chief lobbyist would possibly say ANYTHING other than "Guns aren't to blame for Sandy Hook, but guns are the solution." These people are lobbyists whose raison d'ĂȘtre is the increase in sales of firearms. At least, that's what they claim to be.

More accurately, the NRA is a domestic terror organization. They are directly responsible for shaping decades of public policy that led directly to the proliferation of assault weapons, extended magazines, and gun ownership by individuals who used loopholes to avoid background checks.

If the shooters the NRA has again and again enabled had had muslim names, or brown skin, the outrage would be such that Republicans in Congress would be rending garments in their furor to pass whatever legislation was necessary to stem the bloody tide.  But as long as white people are lining up to line the pockets of firearm manufacturer executives, the right of gun ownership remains inalienable.

Inalienable despite all reason and good sense. The idea that gun ownership's constitutionality makes it infallible is patently absurd. That document was wrong on black people and it was wrong on women and it was created with the explicit purpose of being a living document that could be altered as society changed into something entirely unrecognizable to the actually oppressed frontiersman who inspired its writing.

That the leadership of the NRA, who it should be again pointed out are all also firearm industry executives past, present, or future, should push for irresponsible gun ownership despite the fact that the majority of NRA members support common sense gun laws (including mandatory background checks) should be proof enough that this irrelevant lobbying firm is out of touch with mainstream America and even its own base.  To say that these greedy monsters have the blood of the children of Sandy Hook Elementary on their hands is insufficient, and a disservice to the hundreds and thousands of victims of gun violence in the years prior, and the 114 (and counting) victims of gun violence that have fallen in the seven days since.

Today the NRA called on America to rethink its relationship with violent video games and mental health care and anything else they could think of that wasn't guns, and I call on Americans to call for the NRA to be listed as a terror organization. They are more responsible for more American deaths than just about any other organization that I can think of.

UPDATE: Closing The Loop

My initial feedback to this post has centered around the question of whether or not the NRA's tactics are actually tantamount to terror, and I feel very strongly that they are:

The NRA supports a gun show culture built around selling as many weapons as possible to people under the pretext of preparing them to either defend themselves from "government overreach" or to just proactively overthrow the government wholesale. (Look no further than to the extensive marketing done in support of firearms that clearly have no use other than mass murder, and certainly no use in hunting).

This fearmongering results in a proliferation of firearms, a percentage of which are inevitably used in crimes, and then they restart the cycle by preying on those afraid of gun violence, or worse, afraid that the latest spat of gun violence in the media will result in the black helicopters finally coming for everyone's guns.

In essence the NRA preys on the fears of the citizen without a firearm (he needs one to protect himself) and on the fears of the citizen with a firearm (he needs more to protect the ones he has from the government) and I fail to see how this is anything other than a terror tactic.