Wayward and Blustering

It has, sadly, been a long time since I had much respect for Bob Woodward as a reporter, but any lingering positive feelings are certainly dead now. Woodward has proven himself yet again to be untrustworthy and vindictive. He's no longer the kind of journalist who holds people accountable--only in maintaining his access. His multi-part George W. Bush hagiography, praising that failed Presidency's warmongering despite the facts, only became criticism long after the tide had turned. But his complicity in hyping the lies of Iraq are by no means the latest examples of his uselessness.

Just look at this last week:

Woodward is famous for being the man to end Nixon's career by holding that the President is accountable to the rule of law, and yet he went on television this week and denounced this President for not being hawkish enough to literally ignore law passed by Congress and signed by this President. Woodward, straight-faced, argued that other Presidents have seen themselves as above the law and it's WEAKNESS that this President does not*:

He recently got into an argument with a White House official. After their conversation, that official emailed him to apologize for raising his voice. He also, with some measure of concern, offered that he was worried Woodward might regret staking out the claim that the WH had "moved the goalposts" on Sequester negotiations by asking for a deal to avoid it to contain revenues. Bob replied, in part, "Gene, you'll never have to apologize to me."
Then he went on CNN to hype the horror. THE HORROR! of the chilling effect the White House was attempting to create. He was threatened. THREATENED! by a senior White House official. The President would be ashamed. ASHAMED! if he knew how his underlings were talking to reporters.

Congratulations Bob Woodward. You have succeeded in being the center of attention again. All it cost you was your last shred of dignity.

*It's worth mentioning that, despite the idea that Obama considers himself to be accountable to the law in the instance of the Sequester (for political reasons), he absolutely has proven himself as a President who believes he is above the law.

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